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Anti-Aging Solutions: Sagging Neck

Turkey neck, that unwelcome wobbly, sagging skin on your neck, is one of those things that unfortunately happens as we age. As you approach your 40s, the skin on the neck starts to become loose and saggy. Bands on the neck may also start to form around this time. The face starts to blend into […]

What is a Non-Surgical Nose Job?

In 2012, it is actually possible to have a nose job without going under the knife.  Dr. Schweiger is an expert at what is called the “non-surgical njob.”  This relatively painless procedure takes just a few minutes and has no downtime.  A material called Radiesse is injected into the bridge of the nose to smooth […]

New Treatment Improves the Appearance of Stretch Marks

The Fraxel Laser has been used for the treatment of scars, melasma and wrinkles for many years, recently it has become a useful treatment for stretch marks as well.  Stretch marks have long been the Achilles heel of dermatology; many of our patients have them and until recently, there hasn’t been a great treatment to […]

Which Laser is Right for Age Spot Removal?

Age spots on the skin are not only unsightly, but they can make you look years older than you actually are. Anyone who has been out in the sun knows that brown spots can appear on the skin as a result of too much sun exposure. Spots are a tricky thing to get rid of, […]

Anti-Aging Procedures: A Closer Look at Hand Rejuvenation

If you want to know how old someone is, look at their hands. “Our hands are one of the first places to show signs of aging,” says Dr. Schweiger. And with good reason. It’s our hands that are exposed to the daily elements, while the rest of our bodies are covered. And while many people […]

“Should I Have a Dermatologist Look at This Mole?”

Patients commonly tell us that they aren’t sure which moles need to be checked out by a professional, and which moles can be left alone.  The answer is that a dermatologist should check out all changing moles; especially with the incidence of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, on the rise.  We recommend that […]

Changing Your Look After Divorce

This weekend, New York City hosted the first ever Divorce Expo, meant to give recent divorcees the tools they need to move on in their lives. Divorce means starting a new chapter in life and one of the most inspiring ways to do that is with a makeover, or as we like to say, ‘breakover.’ […]

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra, like Juvederm and Restylane, is a dermal filler that dermatologists inject to replenish lost volume and improve hollowness, asymmetry and folds.  However, unlike Restylane and Juvederm, Sculptra is not made of hyaluronic acid.  Sculptra is composed of an ingredient called poly-l-lactic acid.  Sculptra does not simply fill in folds and wrinkles, it actually stimulates […]

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