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How to Prevent and Treat Under Eye Bags

One of the first places on the face to show the signs of aging is the eye area. The skin around the eyes is thinner than on other parts of your face and body. It also does not contain oil glands, so it does not get as well hydrated as other areas. When the skin […]

Fraxel Dual Laser: Dual Approach to Aging

As you age, it is sometimes hard to pinpoint exactly what part of your appearance is bothering you the most.  Some of us fixate on wrinkles, while others are mostly bothered by the appearance of excess pigmentation.  Studies have shown that brown spots and pigmentation actually contribute to the perception of aging more than wrinkles! […]

Will Makeup With SPF Protect Your Skin?

We also get a lot of questions from our patients in regards to whether their makeup with SPF is adequate protection from the sun’s harmful rays. It’s hard to say how much sun protection you are actually receiving from makeup that contains SPF. It is believed that you need to use seven times the amount […]

Skin Care for the Mother of the Bride

Although most eyes are on the bride, as she walks down the aisle, admittedly plenty of people are looking at the mother of the bride.  Even though its not your big day, it is certainly a day to shine!  We recognize this and came up with some pointers on skin care for the mother of […]

When Should I Apply Sunscreen?

With so many different skin care products crowding the shelves of your bathroom, it can get tricky figuring out which one should be applied first. When it comes to sunscreen, you should not take any chances in applying it in the incorrect order, which can make it less effective. “The rule with sunscreen is that […]

Brooke’s Blog: Dermatology Questions and Answers

Dear Brooke, I have these red itchy, tiny bumps on my chest that don’t seem to go away when I apply over-the-counter benzoyl peroxide to them. What are they and what can I do to get rid of them? I want to wear tank tops but I am self-conscious about how they look! Thanks, Ashleigh  […]

Get Rid of Cellulite Before Vacation

You almost made it through summer trying to hide your thighs under beach coverups.  However, as you start to think about fall and winter travel, your goal might be to walk the beach proudly in just your bathing suit.  If this is the case, you should consider the Cellulaze treatment.  Dr. Schweiger explains that, “After […]

What Does Skin Cancer Look Like?

The bottom line is that not only should you have a full skin cancer screening with a dermatologist once a year, but you should make an appointment to see your dermatologist right away if anything looks new or unusual on your skin between visits.  Your dermatologist can take a sample of any concerning moles and […]

What Can Fraxel Do?

Or the real question is what can’t Fraxel do? If you have not heard of Fraxel laser treatment, than you’ve been living under a rock. Or at least you haven’t been up on the latest cutting-edge anti-aging, skin perfecting techniques. Fraxel is loved by celebrities (Kim Kardashian is a fan) and mortals alike. So if […]

New Anti-Aging Treatment

We hear about so many new skincare advancements every day; there must be a new anti-aging treatment, right?  Fortunately, the answer is yes.  Dr. Schweiger has formulated a new one-day treatment for his patients who have recently turned forty.  He explains that, “My goal is to turn back the clock at the most opportune time. […]

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