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How to Get Fuller Lips

Full, voluptuous lips is something of a beauty holy grail. Every woman wants them and tries hard to obtain them. It used to be collagen injections and lip implants that were all the rage for those seeking pillow lips, but thankfully there are much more natural ways to get fuller looking lips. Here, Schweiger Dermatology’s […]

The Buzz on the New Botox Enhancing Pill

Botox can do some pretty amazing things. It can iron out wrinkles and lines on the forehead, it can erase crow’s feet and banish those unsightly lines between the forehead. But one thing it can’t do is last forever. The average amount of time that Botox lasts is four months. In a dream world, it […]

Which Filler is the Best?

There are many options available for dermal fillers.  Thankfully, the market is continuing to expand with wonderful fillers that allow us to offer a wide variety of options, in order to use the most appropriate dermal filler for each individual patient.  So, which filler is the best?  Dr. Schweiger explains that, “There is no ‘best […]

Brooke’s Blog: Dermatology Questions and Answers

Dear Brooke, For the past few weeks, I’ve been experiencing itchiness and redness in my groin area, especially after I work out at the gym. I tried using Gold Bond powder, but it hasn’t really helped at all.  What can I do to get rid of this quickly? Thanks! – Dave, 30, from Brooklyn Dear […]

When Should I Get Botox?

Our patients often ask us, “When should I get Botox?”  No one wants to do it too soon, but they also don’t want to wait too long.  Our answer is usually that the time to get Botox is when you start thinking about it.  If you are noticing wrinkles forming or fine lines on the […]

How to Stimulate Collagen Production

If you’re not familiar with collagen and how it relates to younger-looking skin, then you need to brush up on your skin intelligence. Collagen is an essential building block for young and healthy skin, it’s a protein that gives structure to our skin. Without it, our skin wouldn’t be supple or smooth. As we age, […]

The Secret to Younger Looking Hands

As you age, volume is naturally lost in the face and hands.  Additionally, previous sun exposure begins to produce sun spots and loss of collagen in the skin.  For the hands, this can mean thin, wrinkled skin with prominent veins and brown spots that have developed over time. It is important to remember your hands […]

Treat Your Skin Gently to Heal Acne

Contrary to what many acne suffers may think, the gentler you are on your skin, the more likely you are to successfully treat your acne. Rather than constantly attacking your skin with harsh cleansers, scrubs and treatments, the correct way to heal your pimples and prevent future acne flare-ups is to use gentle products and […]

Brooke’s Blog: Dermatology Questions and Answers

Dear Brooke, I recently visited some friends for the weekend, and when I got back, I started getting really itchy on my hands and stomach. At night, I am so itchy and I can barely sleep. I thought it was bug bites, but they are all mostly in between my fingers and are really small […]

Fractional CO2 Laser for Acne Scarring

For patients with extensive pitted acne scars, the Fractional CO2 laser treatment has proven to be one of the most effective treatment options available.  Pitted acne scars do not heal on their own.  The loss of collagen, that occurs during the healing process after acne resolves, does not improve on its own.  There are many […]

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