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How the Sun Damages Your Skin and What to Do About It

While many people still like the look of sun-kissed skin, most of the world has learned about how the sun damages your skin and have moved on to sunless tanning.  UV rays from the sun not only increase your risk of skin cancer, but they cause premature aging of the skin.  Dr. Schweiger explains that, […]

The New Trend in Botox – Its Being Used for Poker Players!

Botox cosmetic treatment has been smoothing out wrinkles on the face for many years, but a new application for Botox may soon be growing in popularity.  One doctor has introduced the idea of ‘Pokertox,” a unique method of using Botox for poker players.  ‘Poker face’ is a commonly used term to describe the technique that […]

Your Plan of Attack on the First Signs of Aging

The best time to prevent aging is right when you start to notice it; it is much easier to prevent wrinkles or to lighten new sun spots than to get rid of existing wrinkles or dark brown spots on the skin.  For this reason, it is important to formulate your plan of attack on the […]

How to Choose the Right Cleanser for Your Skin

Here are Dr. Schweiger’s tips on choosing the right cleanser for your skin: Understand the needs of your skin – If you have oily skin, you will want to explore different cleansers than someone with aging skin looking for added moisture.  Oily skin can often benefit from the use of a foaming cleanser, which is […]

Skin Care Must: SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic

As the gift-giving season approaches, those people looking for age-defying skin will want to request Dr. Shah’s secret anti-aging weapon, SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic serum.  This serum made our list of ‘Skin Care Musts” by providing protection from photoaging (the aging process that occurs as a result of sun exposure) and collagen breakdown.  There are […]

Is Latisse Right for You?

All women want longer, thicker eyelashes – that is the reason that mascara is one of the top selling beauty products on the market!  A medicine called Latisse can now be used to enhance your eyelashes without the use of makeup.  Dr. Schweiger explains that, “Latisse works by lengthening the period of time that the […]

Safe and Effective Ways to Lighten Dark Spots on the Skin

Dark spots on the skin can be frustrating.  They typically do not lighten on their own, and they can present from many different causes (including acne, cuts, melasma, sun damage.) It is recommended that you visit your dermatologist, in order to determine the best treatment for lightening the dark spots on your skin.  Your dermatologist […]

The Most Natural Way to Fuller Lips

We have all seen lips that do not look natural; television is full of “duck lips” and over-filled lips.  Thankfully, there is a natural way to get fuller lips, without looking like you had anything done!  Dr. Schweiger specializes in natural looking fillers for fuller lips.  Dermal fillers, such as Restylane and Juvederm, can be […]

Reshaping Your Face with Botox

Botox is used for many purposes, including getting rid of wrinkles on the face and decreasing excessive sweating on the body.  One lesser known use for Botox is reshaping your face. People with wide or round faces and those with prominent jawlines can actually change the shape of their face without surgery.  Botox can be […]

Does CoolSculpting Work for the Inner Knees?

CoolSculpting is a unique and exciting treatment, which actually melts flat off of localized areas of the body.  CoolSculpting uses a technology called cryolipolysis, which essentially freezes the fat cells, so that they can be flushed out by the body’s immune system.  CoolSculpting has traditionally been used for treatment of excess fat on the abdomen. […]

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