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Making Dermal Filler and Laser Treatments Less Painful

There are many non-surgical cosmetic treatments available for improving your appearance.  We find that many of our patients delay meeting with us, because they are nervous about the pain associated with the treatments that they may benefit from.  Dr. Schweiger explains that, “I always feel badly when I meet a new patient who delayed her […]

Non-Invasive Ways to Get a Slimmer Face

There are finally non-invasive ways to get a slimmer face, giving you the option of slimming down the shape of your face without a surgical procedure.  Non-surgical dermatological treatments, such as Thermage and Botox, can actually change the shape of your face and produce a slimmer face after a single treatment. Dr. Schweiger explains that, […]

The Best Treatment to Fight Tired Eyes

There are endless so-called quick fixes discussed for getting rid of dark under eye circles.  Popular remedies include cucumbers, eye serums, and even Preparation H!  Until recently, blepharoplasty was one of the lone medical options available for improving the look of sagging under eye circles.  In recent years, dermatologists have begun placing hyaluronic acid directly […]

The Top Reasons to Get Your Tattoo Removed

At Schweiger Dermatology, in Manhattan, we specialize in removing unwanted tattoos.  We use a variety of different types of lasers, so that we are able to offer to most effective laser tattoo removal treatment, regardless of the color of the tattoo.  We even utilize a special tattoo removal laser that is safe for use in […]

What Can Adults Do About Acne Breakouts?

Although acne is often considered a teenage disease, a large percentage of adults experience acne.  In fact, over 50% of women in their 20’s experience acne, and large numbers of both women and men continue to experience acne well into their adult years.  We often meet with both women and men in their 40’s and […]

How to Avoid Acne Breakouts

Here are tips on how to avoid acne breakouts, from NYC dermatologist and acne expert Dr. Eric Schweiger: Keep your skin clean: It is important to cleanse your skin at the end of each day.  Excess oil and dirt builds up on your skin during the day; cleansing your skin at bedtime removes this debris […]

Why You Should Wear Sunscreen During Holiday Travel

Most people know the importance of packing sunscreen for their vacation, but not everyone knows that importance of making sure that it is in your carry-on bag!  The sun’s UV rays become stronger as our elevation increases (or, as we become closer to the sun.)  Airplanes travel at a much higher elevation that we are […]

Are You a Skin Picker? Here’s How to Find Out.

Picking at your skin can seem very innocent.  Unfortunately, many of our patients pick at their skin from time to time.  However, picking at a tiny bump on your skin (although it can harm the skin!) does not mean that you are a “skin picker.”  It is important to recognize whether you are a ‘skin […]

Sculpting Your Arms with TruSculpt

TruSculpt is a great way to tone and sculpt the upper arm area.  This area can be very difficult to tighten and tone with exercise alone, which is why truSculpt is such an exciting treatment option.  Dr. Schweiger explains that, “TruSculpt works by deeply heating the subcutaneous tissue with a non-invasive radiofrequency energy.  This unique […]

How to Get Younger Looking Hands

Hands are often considered the ‘give-away’ when it comes to knowing a women’s age.  Many women put a lot of time and consideration into keeping their face looking great, but tend to neglect their hands (another area that sees a lot of sun damage over time!)  Dr. Schweiger explains that, “There are many in-office treatments […]

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