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How Soon Can I Remove My New Tattoo?

Many times we meet with people who knew that they want their tattoo removed from the moment they walk out of the tattoo shop.  In some cases, we receive calls to schedule an appointment on the same day they receive their tattoo!  In these instances, one of the first questions we receive is, “How soon […]

How to Fix a Bad Hair Transplant

As an experienced hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Schweiger often meets with patients who have previously had hair transplants elsewhere and are not pleased with their results.  Dr. Schweiger explains that, “To fix a bad hair transplant, we generally use a specific hair removal laser to recreate the desired hairline.  By removing the hair follicles that […]

The Best Cosmetic Procedures for Men

Thanks in part to the Real Housewives franchise, cosmetic treatments for women, including Botox, laser resurfacing treatments and fillers, have become household words. Women are coming out of the closet about what they’re having done to keep themselves looking younger and more beautiful. But what if you’re a guy and you want to get a […]

Is Botox Safe?

Botox is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic treatments in the United States.  What is the reason for its popularity?  It is not only extremely effective, but it is very safe.  Dr. Schweiger explains that, “Botox is a purified protein, specifically developed to be injected into overactive muscles.  The medication itself is flushed from […]

How Can I Tighten My Neck?

Many of our patients, both women and men, ask us “How can I tighten my neck?”  The truth is that no amount of exercise will tighten the skin on the neck.  This area commonly increases in laxity with age and worsens as volume decreases in the cheeks and midface.  Dr. Schweiger explains that, “There are […]

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