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Acne and Acne Scar Expert

Dr. Eric Schweiger specializes in the treatment of acne and acne scarring. Acne expert, Dr Schweiger is founder of Schweiger Dermatology and the Clear Clinic, a dedicated acne treatment center. Dr. Schweiger’s expertise has attracted patients from all over the country and around the world. Patients travel to Clear Clinic and Schweiger Dermatology for the most advanced acne and acne scar treatments. Dr. Schweiger makes regular appearances on television shows and in print publications to discuss the treatment or acne and acne scarring. He was recently featured on The Couch on CBS to discuss treatment of adult acne. Dr. Schweiger pioneered a new approach to the treatment of atrophic, or pitted, acne scars. This new treatment, called the F.A.S.T. procedure, has been featured in such publications as New Beauty and Allure magazine. F.A.S.T. is an acronym for Focal Acne Scar Treatment. Dr. Schweiger developed the effective treatment for the treatment of patients with localized acne scars on only certain areas of their faces, who needed aggressive and effective treatment with minimal downtime. Using Fractional CO2 laser technology, Dr. Schweiger developed a method of improving focal acne scars by up to 75%, with only a few days of downtime. Dr. Schweiger has also developed unique treatment regimens for his acne patients, which yield fast and impressive improvement of acne in patients with all skin types. Dr. Schweiger was one of the first dermatologists to study the use of Photodynamic Therapy for the treatment of acne in African American patients. For many of his acne patients, Dr. Schweiger recommends a unique combination of various in-office acne laser and light-based treatments (including Photodynamic Therapy, Isolaz, and LED Light Therapy) to combat active acne aggressively, by addressing the multiple causes of acne.

Schweiger Dermatology prides itself on offering the most robust collection of laser and light- based treatments for acne and acne scars in the country. Dr. Schweiger is considered the leading acne specialist in the United States, for his innovative acne and acne scar treatments. Click here to schedule a consultation for acne or acne scar treatment at Schweiger Dermatology.  

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