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How to Get Younger Looking Hands

There is so much attention paid towards anti-aging of the face, it is easy to forget about your hands.  The truth is that the hands can be a giveaway to a person’s true age.  They show wrinkles, sun damage, and volume loss, just like the face does.  Dr. Schweiger explains that, “Hand rejuvenation, to get […]

How to Get Rid of a Wart

Warts are pesky little guys – they are never welcome, but insist on sticking around way longer than anyone would like.  Unfortunately, although warts can sometimes resolve on their own, they will often spread to other areas before going away.  For this reason, it is important to seek treatment if you notice a wart on […]

How Soon Can I Remove My Tattoo?

Sometimes a mistake is realized just about as quickly as it is made.  It is not unusual for us to receive phone calls asking ‘how soon can I remove my tattoo’ and finding out that the call was placed immediately after the person left the tattoo parlor.  Whether the tattoo just didn’t turn out how […]

Look Younger Without Downtime

So many treatments for looking younger deliver amazing results, but not everyone can find a time to schedule the necessary downtime after the treatments.  For this reason, NYC dermatologist Dr. Schweiger has compiled the following list of ways to look younger without downtime: Thermage: Thermage works by stimulating the production of healthy collagen in the […]

How Does Botox Work?

Botox may just be the most well-known cosmetic treatment available.  Most of us know that Botox can get rid of wrinkles and help us to stay looking young, but not everyone understands how Botox works.  So, how does Botox work?  NYC dermatologist for Botox Dr. Eric Schweiger explains, “Botox is a purified protein, which is […]

How to Fix a Bump on Nose Without Surgery

There are many reasons why you may not want to have a rhinoplasty (“nose job.”)  You may be too young, you may be afraid to have surgery and anesthesia, you may need a fast fix, or you may just want to try a less permanent option before going under the knife.  Whatever the reason, if […]

How to Look Great for Your Wedding

The spring wedding season is just around the corner, so NYC dermatologist Dr. Eric Schweiger put together a list of his favorite treatments for brides (and mother-of-the-brides!) to consider while planning their wedding day look: TruSculpt: This non-invasive radiofrequency treatment helps to sculpt and contour your arms in just one or two treatments.  TruSculpt is […]

How to Prevent Acne and Wrinkles

In the midst of worrying about wrinkles forming, its not fair to have to worry about acne as well!  Unfortunately, this is the case for many women in their 30’s and 40’s.  Adult acne has arrived and your focus may shift from preventing wrinkles to preventing this new acne.  Thankfully, there are treatments available that […]

How to Get Rid of Under Eye Circles

How to get rid of under eye circles is a question that many people think about.  The first step is to try an eye cream containing gentle retinol or antioxidants; these ingredients can stimulate collagen production, to improve the texture and appearance of the under eye skin.  However, for many people this is not enough. […]

Dermal Fillers Lift the Face

Dermal fillers are most commonly thought of as treatments used to fill in lines on the face (specifically, the nasolabial folds, or ‘smile lines.’) While dermal fillers are the best way to fill in these deep lines, they are also an effective way to lift the face and add volume where volume has been lost […]

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