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Back to School Mommy Makeovers

200488808-001For many moms across the United States, back to school season means extra added pressure to look good. Moms have a tendency to size each other up at school drop off and pick up. Add in all of the PTA meetings, school events and soccer games and it's a recipe for a Desperate Housewives style showdown. Ok, so hopefully most communities are not as competitive in the looks department as Wisteria Lane, but moms still want to look good. Part of looking your best comes with a discreet trip to the dermatologist during school hours. The cosmetic procedures favored by most moms are dermal fillers, Botox, chemical peels and laser rejuvenating treatments. These in-office procedures leave moms looking younger, fresher and exactly like themselves--only better.  Botox for moms You'd be hard pressed to find a cosmetic treatment that works as quick and efficiently as Botox does, with no downtime. Botox, which irons out fine lines and wrinkles by relaxing the muscles in the face that lead to wrinkles, literally takes years off in just a few seconds. And don't be scared by the needle. It's so tiny that most people don't even feel it going in. Moms can pop into the office for an injection then head to school pick up looking happier, more relaxed and less tired. Botox is also great at giving the eyes a lift. When injected in the forehead, it not only erases those angry forehead lines, it also lifts the brows and eyes for a natural wide-awake look. Time for a fill? There's nothing better than a dermal filler to replace lost volume in the face and enhance the lips. Made with sophisticated hyaluronic acid gels, Juvederm and Restylane are heroes at making moms look youthful. Chemical Peels are not scary Despite the bad portrayal of chemical peels in that Sex and the City episode of Samantha with a crimson red face, they actually do amazing things for the skin. They peel off that top layer of sun spots, hyperpigmentation, post inflammatory redness leftover from acne and they reveal bright, smoother and more glowing skin underneath. You need to allow for about five or so days of peeling (do it over a holiday), but it really is worth it.  
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