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Acne During Pregnancy Treatment Options

Many women find that they revert back to their teenage ways and begin to have acne on their face and body during pregnancy.  Anecdotally, pregnancy acne tends to be worst during the second trimester and improve after childbirth.  This can be a frustrating phenomenon for many women, as they may already be overwhelmed by the […]

Why Men Need to Exfoliate

As most women will tell you, exfoliation is a key step in every good skin care regimen. But most men may not realize the merits of a good scrub. Regular exfoliation helps get rid of dead skin cells and unveiling the younger, healthier skin underneath. Exfoliating also helps with acne breakouts since it can unclog […]

More Men Are Going for Botox…or Bro-tox

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, over 300,000 men received Botox treatment last year. That’s a 10 percent increase from the year before. What is the catalyst behind this uptick? “We are finding that more and more male patients want to look less tired and more youthful,” says Dr. Schweiger. “They are coming […]

Beauty Balms–The New Skincare Craze Hits the U.S.

Have you heard about BBs? They’re the latest hybrid skincare/makeup product and they’re gaining popularity at lightning speed. BB (the BB stands for beauty balm or blemish balm) are all-in-one tinted moisturizers with SPF that have anti-aging, skin brightening, and spot correcting benefits. The balms are immensely popular in Asia, where they’ve been around for […]

Shining a red light on wrinkles at home

At-home skin care devices are proving to be a major force in the beauty industry. Clairisonic, the super-popular device that uses sonic technology to deep clean the skin, has paved the road for a slew of new high-tech beauty gadgets. For those of us looking to fight wrinkles, the devices to watch out for use […]

Isolaz Laser For Acne: New Treatment Option!

There has been recent press about the Isolaz Laser for acne treatments and we have also gotten asked several questions from patients in office and via email. We offer this procedure at Schweiger Dermatology in New York. Here is a quick synopsis: What is the Isolaz Laser and how do the Isolaz treatments work?          The […]

Botox or Dysport: Which One Should I Use?

What is the difference between Botox and Dysport? Botox and Dysport are FDA-approved medications that block the neurotransmitters to the treated muscles.  In turn, muscle activity in the treated area is reduced.  Botox and Dysport are most commonly used to decrease the appearance of frown lines between the eyebrows, wrinkles on the forehead and crows […]


A study shows that a new technique for tattoo removal may eliminate the need for long series of treatments. Unwanted tattoos are commonly removed by Q-switched lasers, which emit short, high-intensity pulses onto the tattooed skin.  The laser treatment fragments the ink particles of the tattoo, allowing the body to flush them out.  However, traditional […]

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