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Blue Light Therapy for Acne

What is Blue Light Therapy for Acne? Acne Blue Light Therapy is an FDA approved light based treatment for acne that is an alternative to topical or oral acne therapy.  The treatment is a simple in office procedure that is painless and only takes about 15 minutes. How does Blue Light Therapy for acne work? Blue light works by directly killing the acne causing bacteria, Propionibacterium Acnes (P.  Acnes).  In acne prone individuals, P. Acnes gets into the microscopic hair follicles on the face, chest and back and causing inflammation that triggers blockage of the pores and the resulting pimples. In Blue Light Therapy, strong narrow band LED light is used that penetrates thru the epidermis and directly kills these acne causing bacteria. Is Blue Light Therapy Safe? Blue Light Acne Treatment is completely safe. The blue light LED’s contain no Ultra Violet (UV) Light and are safe and effective in all skin types. There is no down time with the procedure and you can return to work or school immediately after treatment. How many treatments are needed with doing Blue Light Therapy? Most patients who do blue light acne therapy do a series of treatments (usually 4-8) depending on their severity of acne and response to treatment. However, results can often be seen after only 1 or 2 treatments. How much does blue light therapy cost? Each session with the blue light costs $275.  The price per session is reduced when a package of several treatments is purchased.

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