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Can Those Annoying Broken Capillaries Around My Nose Be Removed?

Perinasal telangiectasia (ie. blood vessels around the nose) are very common and something that nearly all of our patients ask us about at some point.  They are not worrisome, though they are also not an important part of the circulatory system.  These superficial blood vessels are simply a nuisance and many patients are bothered by their appearance.  At Schweiger Dermatology, a laser called the KTP Laser is used to collapse those annoying vessels in just one treatment.  Dr. Schweiger explains that, “the energy of the KTP laser is absorbed in the hemoglobin, or red blood cells, in the vessels.  This causes the vessels to collapse, without affecting the surrounding skin.”  The KTP Laser is relatively painless and usually requires only one treatment.  There is no downtime, so often our patients will do the treatment on the same day that they inquire about the unwanted vessels. Click here to read more about the KTP laser for the treatment of unwanted blood vessels on the face.
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