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Forehead Acne From Hair Products

Many people find that acne on their forehead shows up quickly after they change hairstyles or hair products.  This forehead acne can stick around, especially if your hairstyle change becomes a permanent look.  The truth is that, natural hair oils and hair product can transfer to the forehead.  This leads to clogged pores, which can […]

Treat Your Skin Gently to Heal Acne

Contrary to what many acne suffers may think, the gentler you are on your skin, the more likely you are to successfully treat your acne. Rather than constantly attacking your skin with harsh cleansers, scrubs and treatments, the correct way to heal your pimples and prevent future acne flare-ups is to use gentle products and […]

Why Your Skin Needs a Chemical Peel

You may not know it, but your complexion could probably benefit from a chemical peel. If your skin has sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, acne scars, or is just looking a little lackluster and dull, you could use a chemical peel. A chemical peel is when a dermatologist or physician’s assistant applies […]

Brooke’s Blog: Dermatology Questions and Answers

Dear Brooke, I have a few whiteheads on my cheeks that have been there forever. I have tried to squeeze them, but nothing comes out, and they feel kind of hard. What are they and how can I finally get rid of them? Thank you for your advice! – Natasha, 24 years-old, from Short Hills, […]

Brooke’s Blog: Dermatology Questions and Answers

Dear Brooke, I have these red itchy, tiny bumps on my chest that don’t seem to go away when I apply over-the-counter benzoyl peroxide to them. What are they and what can I do to get rid of them? I want to wear tank tops but I am self-conscious about how they look! Thanks, Ashleigh  […]

Finally, Answers to Your Acne Questions!

At both Schweiger Dermatology and the Clear Clinic, we make a point to invite our patients to ask questions during their appointment.  It is important to us that you understand your diagnosis, any procedures performed, and what to expect after your visit.  For this reason, we will soon be publishing a informative book on acne, […]

Brooke’s Blog: Dermatology Questions and Answers

Dear Brooke: My name is Jenny, and I am 31 and just moved from California to Manhattan. I’ve been here for a few weeks now, and I feel that my skin never gets clean and looks dull all the time. What can I do to make my skin look as nice as it did when […]

Acne Tips for Summertime

As temperatures remain elevated, it is important to tailor your acne regimen for the heat and sun exposure that comes along with summertime.  Daily sun protection, in the form of sunscreen or sun protective clothing, is key for all patients.  However, there are a few things specific to our acne patients that will help keep […]

Quick Fix for Acne

Everyone, whether they have a once yearly pimple or chronic severe acne, wants to know how to clear their acne quickly.  Patients constantly ask us, “Is there a quick fix for acne?”  Dr. Schweiger explains that, “Acne is a chronic disease.  It is not the type of condition that can be cured with a shot […]

How to Treat Body Acne

As summer approaches, body acne becomes more and more undesirable.  Acne on the back and chest is common; it is sometimes seen in patients who also have acne on their face and sometimes body acne is the only type of acne that someone has.  It is not too late to start treatment for body acne […]

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