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How to Prevent Acne and Wrinkles

In the midst of worrying about wrinkles forming, its not fair to have to worry about acne as well!  Unfortunately, this is the case for many women in their 30’s and 40’s.  Adult acne has arrived and your focus may shift from preventing wrinkles to preventing this new acne.  Thankfully, there are treatments available that […]

Can Botox Make You Happier?

If you are considering Botox injections for wrinkle removal, you might want to factor in research showing that Botox can actually have a positive effect on your mood. Research dating as far back to Charles Darwin shows that the expressions we make on our face are linked to how we feel emotionally. Thanks to Botox […]

Non-Surgical Eye Lift Treatment Options

Do you complain about droopy eyelids, but don’t want to go under the knife? Not to worry, there are many eye lift treatment options that do not include incisions. Are you ready for an eyelid lift? Does this sound like you–you go to apply your eye makeup, but are constantly pulling your upper eyelids with […]

How to Correct Sun Damage

NYC dermatologist Dr. Eric Schweiger finds that many patients are looking for ways to correct sun damage, both for cosmetic reasons and to improve the health of their skin.  Thankfully, many treatments that correct sun damage, by getting rid of brown spots and fine lines, also improve the health of the skin by preventing precancerous […]

The Best Cosmetic Procedures for Men

Thanks in part to the Real Housewives franchise, cosmetic treatments for women, including Botox, laser resurfacing treatments and fillers, have become household words. Women are coming out of the closet about what they’re having done to keep themselves looking younger and more beautiful. But what if you’re a guy and you want to get a […]

How to Look Younger

Getting older has so many benefits. Research shows we get wiser, happier and more comfortable with ourselves, as we age. The only real downside to getting older is looking older. Luckily there are some amazing cosmetic treatments that turn back the clock quickly. One question we repeatedly receive at Schweiger Dermatology is: ‘How can I […]

How to Improve Your Complexion

One of the things that we all desire is a clear, porcelain complexion.  No matter how much sunscreen we wear or how we hope that our pores will shrink overnight, we still end up wishing that our skin just looked better.  The Laser Genesis is one of the only treatments that addresses nearly all of […]

Why Winter is the Best Time for a Cosmetic Treatment

Now is the best time of year to consider a cosmetic treatment.  For many treatments, such as lasers and chemical peels,  it is suggested that you avoid direct sun exposure in the weeks following your visit.  Other treatments, such as TruSculpt and Zeltiq, take a few months to exhibit their full improvement – if you […]

How to Treat Age Spots on Skin of Color

Patients with skin of color develop age spots nearly as frequently as lighter skinned patients.  However, removing age spots from darker skin types requires unique treatments, which are safe for all skin types.  Dr. Schweiger explains that, “When removing age spots on skin of color, I often recommend a combination of prescription strength lightening products […]

How to Make Retinoid Creams Less Irritating

Retinoid creams are some of the most effective anti-aging products that we can use.  However, for many people retinoid creams can be irritating and cause dryness on the skin.  Dr. Schweiger explains that, “Anyone who can tolerate a retinoid should use one.  Retinoids stimulate collagen production in the skin, which results in fewer existing fine […]

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