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Want Younger Looking Skin in Your 40s and 50s? Start Today

We all know that applying sunscreen today prevents future sun damage tomorrow. So when you apply that same theory to Botox, dermal fillers and lasers, it makes sense. A new article published in JAMA Dermatology says that getting those anti-aging treatments long before you actually start showing the signs of aging, is extremely beneficial. Neurotoxins, […]

The Fall Skin Treatments You Should be Getting

Now that summer’s over and your skin is no longer baking in the hot sun every day, it’s time to reboot and rejuvenate  your complexion for the fall and winter. Spending lots of your hard earned money on topical creams and serums may make you feel like you’re doing something worthwhile for your skin, but […]

Back to School Mommy Makeovers

For many moms across the United States, back to school season means extra added pressure to look good. Moms have a tendency to size each other up at school drop off and pick up. Add in all of the PTA meetings, school events and soccer games and it’s a recipe for a Desperate Housewives style […]

Cosmetic Procedures on the Rise Thanks to Social Media

If you have ever seen a photo of yourself on Facebook and cringed, you’re not alone. In this era of Instagram and Facebook, where any moment could potentially get captured in a photo that is then seen by all your friends–and their friends–it’s no surprise that people are paying more attention to their looks. Many […]

How to Get Younger Looking Hands

There is so much attention paid towards anti-aging of the face, it is easy to forget about your hands.  The truth is that the hands can be a giveaway to a person’s true age.  They show wrinkles, sun damage, and volume loss, just like the face does.  Dr. Schweiger explains that, “Hand rejuvenation, to get […]

Look Younger Without Downtime

So many treatments for looking younger deliver amazing results, but not everyone can find a time to schedule the necessary downtime after the treatments.  For this reason, NYC dermatologist Dr. Schweiger has compiled the following list of ways to look younger without downtime: Thermage: Thermage works by stimulating the production of healthy collagen in the […]

How to Look Great for Your Wedding

The spring wedding season is just around the corner, so NYC dermatologist Dr. Eric Schweiger put together a list of his favorite treatments for brides (and mother-of-the-brides!) to consider while planning their wedding day look: TruSculpt: This non-invasive radiofrequency treatment helps to sculpt and contour your arms in just one or two treatments.  TruSculpt is […]

How to Correct Sun Damage

NYC dermatologist Dr. Eric Schweiger finds that many patients are looking for ways to correct sun damage, both for cosmetic reasons and to improve the health of their skin.  Thankfully, many treatments that correct sun damage, by getting rid of brown spots and fine lines, also improve the health of the skin by preventing precancerous […]

How to Fix a Bad Hair Transplant

As an experienced hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Schweiger often meets with patients who have previously had hair transplants elsewhere and are not pleased with their results.  Dr. Schweiger explains that, “To fix a bad hair transplant, we generally use a specific hair removal laser to recreate the desired hairline.  By removing the hair follicles that […]

How Can I Tighten My Neck?

Many of our patients, both women and men, ask us “How can I tighten my neck?”  The truth is that no amount of exercise will tighten the skin on the neck.  This area commonly increases in laxity with age and worsens as volume decreases in the cheeks and midface.  Dr. Schweiger explains that, “There are […]

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