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Why You Should Have Green Tea Extract in Your Skincare Products

There are so many skin care products out there, it can become confusing when trying to navigate the drug store or department store.  One ingredient to look for is green tea extract.  You may know that drinking green tea delivers much-needed antioxidants to your body, which are beneficial to your health.  What you may not […]

Revision Skincare: New Skincare Products at Schweiger Dermatology

Schweiger Dermatology is proud to announce that we are now offering our patients one of the top anti-aging skin care lines available.  Revision Skincare is only available through medical providers, and has been profiled as a top anti-aging skin care line by New Beauty, Marie Claire and People StyleWatch magazines.  Dr. Schweiger notes that, “It […]

What’s the Difference Between a Glycolic Acid Peel and a Salicylic Acid Peel?

Chemical peels use unique peeling agents to remove dead skin cells from the skin’s surface.  There are many types of chemical peels that are used on the skin; some peels are used to improve acne or lighten pigmentation on the skin, while other peels are used to decrease the appearance of fine lines or brighten […]

Dry Winter Skin and How to Treat It

Dry winter skin is something that many of us are dealing with these days.  As the cold weather blows in, the moist skin of summer hibernates until spring.  There are many factors  that contribute to dry winter skin – the cold weather, the lack of moisture in the air, and long hot showers all play […]

How the Sun Damages Your Skin and What to Do About It

While many people still like the look of sun-kissed skin, most of the world has learned about how the sun damages your skin and have moved on to sunless tanning.  UV rays from the sun not only increase your risk of skin cancer, but they cause premature aging of the skin.  Dr. Schweiger explains that, […]

How to Choose the Right Cleanser for Your Skin

Here are Dr. Schweiger’s tips on choosing the right cleanser for your skin: Understand the needs of your skin – If you have oily skin, you will want to explore different cleansers than someone with aging skin looking for added moisture.  Oily skin can often benefit from the use of a foaming cleanser, which is […]

Why You Need to Wash Your Face in the Morning

It is important to wash your face in both the morning and evening, particularly for those people with ‘oily’ skin.  However, to some people this seems redundant.  Why should you wash your face in the morning if you washed your face immediately before going to sleep?  Dr. Schweiger explains that, “During the evening, while you […]

How to Treat Sun Damage

The best advice regarding sun damage is to avoid it in the first place – wear sunscreen daily, avoid direct sunlight, wear a hat and sun protective clothing.  However, much of the sun damage we see is from years of cumulative sun exposure, not one poorly planned day on the beach last summer.  For this […]

The Top 5 Treatments for a More Even Complexion

Whether its brown spots or redness on the face, everyone has a few complaints about their complexion! Here are Dr. Schweigers “Top 5 Treatments for a More Even Complexion” 1. Laser Genesis: The Laser Genesis treatment is one of the few procedures available today that not only decreases redness on the skin, but improves the […]

How to Improve Your Skin’s Texture

There are many options available for improving the texture of your skin.  The best part is that most of these treatments have little or no downtime, and one of them can even be used at home before bed! How to improve your skin’s texture: Nightly use of a retinoid cream – Retinoids stimulate skin cell […]

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