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Why You Should Wear Sunscreen During Holiday Travel

Most people know the importance of packing sunscreen for their vacation, but not everyone knows that importance of making sure that it is in your carry-on bag!  The sun’s UV rays become stronger as our elevation increases (or, as we become closer to the sun.)  Airplanes travel at a much higher elevation that we are […]

Carpooling Can Cause Premature Aging

By schlepping their kids to and from school and various after school activities, moms who carpool are no doubt helping out their families. But could it be to the detriment of their skin? By driving the kids around, moms could be receiving unintentional sun exposure through the windows of their cars. The damaging UVA rays […]

Will Makeup With SPF Protect Your Skin?

We also get a lot of questions from our patients in regards to whether their makeup with SPF is adequate protection from the sun’s harmful rays. It’s hard to say how much sun protection you are actually receiving from makeup that contains SPF. It is believed that you need to use seven times the amount […]

When Should I Apply Sunscreen?

With so many different skin care products crowding the shelves of your bathroom, it can get tricky figuring out which one should be applied first. When it comes to sunscreen, you should not take any chances in applying it in the incorrect order, which can make it less effective. “The rule with sunscreen is that […]

Sun Protective Masks–Scary or Smart?

The latest skincare craze in China looks as though it came straight out of a horror movie. Sun protective masks are fast becoming the most coveted accessory on the sandy shores of China’s beaches. Women in China are so afraid of getting their skin tanned that they are going to great lengths to avoid exposure […]

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