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What You Need to Know Before Laser Tattoo Removal

Finally ready to say goodbye to that tattoo of your sorority letters? Laser tattoo removal is on the rise. But before you come in for your treatment, there are some important tips you need to know. Here, one of our star PA’s Julie Zuckerman, shares her tips for the top 5 things to watch out […]

The Worst Celebrity Tattoos

Getting a tattoo is a way for many people to commemorate a special life event, such as falling in love, pledging a fraternity or having a baby, but it doesn’t mean that permanently marking your skin is such a great idea. After all, many of us suffer from buyer’s remorse and a tattoo is not […]

How Soon Can I Remove My Tattoo?

Sometimes a mistake is realized just about as quickly as it is made.  It is not unusual for us to receive phone calls asking ‘how soon can I remove my tattoo’ and finding out that the call was placed immediately after the person left the tattoo parlor.  Whether the tattoo just didn’t turn out how […]

How Soon Can I Remove My New Tattoo?

Many times we meet with people who knew that they want their tattoo removed from the moment they walk out of the tattoo shop.  In some cases, we receive calls to schedule an appointment on the same day they receive their tattoo!  In these instances, one of the first questions we receive is, “How soon […]

What to Expect During Tattoo Removal

You have decided it is time to remove your tattoo, but perhaps you are unsure as to what to expect during tattoo removal?  Here is what to expect during tattoo removal at Schweiger Dermatology in Manhattan:  Upon arriving at the office, we will evaluate your tattoo and discuss the best laser for treatment of the ink […]

What to Expect During Tattoo Removal

It is important to know what to expect during tattoo removal.  Will tattoo removal hurt?  How long does tattoo removal take?  How are tattoos removed?  These are all important questions to understand prior to your appointment for tattoo removal.  Dr. Schweiger notes that, “Tattoo removal does not have to be a painful experience.  We use […]

New Year’s Beauty Resolution: Finally Get Rid of My Unwanted Tattoos

This is the time to make your New Year’s resolutions a reality.  If you promised yourself that 2013 would be the year that you remove your tattoo, now is the time to start.  On average, tattoo removal requires 4-20 treatments.  Even if you have 4 treatments performed during each visit (utilizing our newest tattoo removal […]

Why Winter is a Great Time to Get Started with Tattoo Removal

Although your tattoos may currently be covered by your winter apparel, now is the time to start thinking about removing tattoos that will become visible when you switch to your summer wardrobe.  Dr. Schweiger explains that, “Although newer techniques allow us to remove tattoos more quickly than in previous years, tattoo removal still takes an […]

The Top Reasons to Get Your Tattoo Removed

At Schweiger Dermatology, in Manhattan, we specialize in removing unwanted tattoos.  We use a variety of different types of lasers, so that we are able to offer to most effective laser tattoo removal treatment, regardless of the color of the tattoo.  We even utilize a special tattoo removal laser that is safe for use in […]

What to Expect During Tattoo Removal Treatments

Perhaps you have already made your appointment to begin tattoo removal treatments.  Now you are curious as to what you should expect!  Every office is different, but here is what to expect during tattoo removal treatments at Schweiger Dermatology in Manhattan: Prior to beginning treatments, we will have a consultation to discuss removal of your […]

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