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‘Tis the Season to Remove Your Tattoo

The most common reason that people choose to remove their tattoos is to find a new job or give themselves a ‘fresh start.’  The new year is the perfect time to take the first step of your fresh start! Tattoo removal has become very advanced over the recent years.  The previously painful and extremely lengthy […]

532 nm Laser is the Best Wavelength to Treat Red Tattoos

Black tattoos are traditionally the most amenable to removal with tattoo removal lasers.  However, since not all tattoos are simply black, technology is advancing along with the tattoo industry.  The 532 nm tattoo removal laser (one of the many tattoo removal lasers available at Schweiger Dermatology) offers a specific wavelength that is absorbed in red-colored […]

New Laser to be Introduced for Tattoo Removal

There is a new tattoo removal laser coming to the market next year.  Studies show that it may change the way in which we perform tattoo removal.  One study, published in summer 2012, showed that many tattoos with black, blue or green ink were cleared after only two treatments.  Dr. Schweiger notes that, “This is […]

Quanta Laser for Tattoo Removal: New Tattoo Removal Laser

Schweiger Dermatology is proud to now offer the most comprehensive array of tattoo removal options.  Dr. Schweiger explains that, “As tattoo removal techniques become more advanced, we have been diligent about keeping up with the newest technology.  It just so happens that the newest technology is actually a throwback to older technology; the 694nm ruby […]

The Fast New Way to Remove Tattoos

Tattoo Removal with R20 Method vs. Standard (Old) Tattoo Removal Method: Tattoo removal has often been considered a long and frustrating process.  Since most patients require somewhere between 4-20 laser tattoo removal sessions, the treatment can sometimes span over almost six months!  There is a fast new way to remove tattoos that is now being […]

Does Tattoo Removal Work?

Does tattoo removal work?  The answer is “yes,” when performed by an experienced professional with the appropriate technology.  Dr. Schweiger explains that, “Tattoo removal cream do not work to remove tattoos in the skin.  Lasers, such as the Q-switched 755nm laser, are required to safely and effectively removal the pigment of a tattoo.”  Laser tattoo […]

New Technique for Fast Tattoo Removal

Our parents always told us not to get a tattoo, because the tattoo removal process was incredibly painful and could take years.  We don’t advocate going against your family’s wishes, but we are happy to report that this is no longer the case.  For years, having a tattoo removed meant trying many different lasers and […]

What to Expect: Tattoo Removal

Getting that tattoo was easy, but choosing to have it removed can be frightening.   Tattoo removal is sometimes considered to be a long, painful process.  Dr. Schweiger has made the process much simpler and more comfortable.  He explains that, “Tattoo removal can be frustrating, as tattoo artists do not all use the same materials […]

Dr. Schweiger Talks to ABC News About a New Tattoo Removal Treatment

Many people have regrets when it comes to their body art. Thankfully, there’s a new laser treatment that removes tattoos in half the time. The usual laser tattoo removal treatment required about four visits, each with one pass of the laser but now Dr. Schweiger is able to get rid of a tattoo in just one […]


A study shows that a new technique for tattoo removal may eliminate the need for long series of treatments. Unwanted tattoos are commonly removed by Q-switched lasers, which emit short, high-intensity pulses onto the tattooed skin.  The laser treatment fragments the ink particles of the tattoo, allowing the body to flush them out.  However, traditional […]

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