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Actress Cynthia Nixon Speaks Out About Rosacea

Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon has gone public with her rosacea diagnosis. As the new spokesperson for the National Rosacea Society, Nixon is sharing her experience with this skin condition that is marked by  frequent flushing, redness on the face and the appearance of pimple-like red bumps. For years, Nixon thought she had […]

How to Keep Your Eye Area Looking Young

The eye ares is one of the very first places that shows the signs of aging. “The skin around the eyes is thin and is often exposed to the sun,” explains New York City dermatologist Dr. Eric Schweiger. So what to do to keep the eye area looking young for longer? Here, our tips: Always […]

What is My Tattoo Made of?

The tattoo industry isn’t regulated as closely as one would hope; the FDA regulates tattoo ink in the same category as cosmetics.  This can be concerning to someone thinking of having the loosely regulated materials implanted into their skin.  What are these materials exactly?  Dr. Schweiger explains that, “Tattoo artists use a variety of ingredients […]

Cellulaze Treatment for Cellulite

With swimsuit season quickly approaching, many of our patients have started to ask us what they can do to get rid of their cellulite.  No matter how many hours are spent in the gym, cellulite tends to stick around.  The new Cellulaze treatment is the first treatment that we feel can give a significant improvement […]

Filler 411: When to Time Your Filler or Botox Procedure

One question Dr. Schweiger often gets is how far in advance before an event should a patient schedule their Botox or filler procedure? Getting a dermal filler or Botox is a great way to look refreshed and youthful without looking like you’ve had “work done.” It’s very common for a woman–or man–to come into Dr. […]

Changing Your Look After Divorce

This weekend, New York City hosted the first ever Divorce Expo, meant to give recent divorcees the tools they need to move on in their lives. Divorce means starting a new chapter in life and one of the most inspiring ways to do that is with a makeover, or as we like to say, ‘breakover.’ […]

Do I Need a Cleansing Brush?

The Clarisonic Cleansing brush seems to be ubiquitous lately.  Department stores, Sephora and even your dermatologist may be carrying this product.  Many patients ask us if this is a necessary part of their skincare routine and whether it is superior to lower cost alternatives, such as the Olay Pro-X cleansing brush.  Dr. Schweiger notes that […]

Which Sunscreens are Best for People with Acne?

Spring break is quickly approaching and many of our acne patients are asking which sunscreen is best for them.  There are many great sunscreens available for patients with acne, but it is often difficult to navigate through the choices and determine the right or “best” sunscreen to purchase.  Patients who are being treated for acne […]

Ginger May Reduce Skin Inflammation

We know that eating right can help you look and feel your best. But can they reduce fine lines and even remove wrinkles? Can they get rid of acne? There are some foods out there that might hold the key to looking your youngest as well as clearing the skin. One of those foods is […]

More Men Are Going for Botox…or Bro-tox

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, over 300,000 men received Botox treatment last year. That’s a 10 percent increase from the year before. What is the catalyst behind this uptick? “We are finding that more and more male patients want to look less tired and more youthful,” says Dr. Schweiger. “They are coming […]

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