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Cyst Removal

What is a sebaceous cyst? Epidermoid cysts, or sebaceous cysts, are masses that may appear almost anywhere on the skin.  They are benign lesions that occur most frequently on the face, scalp, neck and trunk.  Cysts are twice as common in men as in women, though both men and women can have epidermoid cysts.  Epidermoid cysts are typically asymptomatic, though they can sometimes become inflamed or infection, which can result in pain.  They may have a foul-smelling discharge.  Some patients choose to have their epidermoid cysts removed surgically; this is a simple procedure that is performed under only local anesthesia. How are cysts removed? Cysts on the skin can be easily removed in the office using only local anesthesia.  The affected area is cleaned in the office and a small injection is given to numb the area.  The cyst is then removed by surgical excision.  It is important that the entire cyst wall is removed; otherwise the cyst can grow back after the excision.  Stitches are placed after the cyst is removed to close the skin.  These stitches are generally removed one to two weeks later, depending on the area of the body that is treated. Will there be a scar after the cyst is removed? As with any surgical procedure, there will be a small scar in the area of the cyst removal.  Our goal is to leave you with the smallest scar possible.  The appearance of the scar will improve with time; we will review instructions for how to care for the area after the treatment in order to minimize scarring. Is cyst removal painful? You will experience only minimal discomfort during cyst removal.  Prior to the procedure, you will receive a numbing injection.  This is the only part of the treatment that you will feel.  After the procedure, some patients are sore in the area treated, though most patients consider cyst removal to be a completely pain free experience. Where is cyst removal performed? Cyst removal is performed at Schweiger Dermatology in Midtown Manhattan, NYC. Click here to schedule an appointment for cyst removal at Schweiger Dermatology in NYC.

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