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What is a Dermatofibroma?

A dermatofibroma is a common growth on the skin.  It usually appears on the extremities and is more common in women than men.  It is a benign growth, though it may sometimes cause itching or pain in the area of the growth.  Some patients feel that they are unsightly, though they are not dangerous lesions. What causes dermatofibromas? The cause of dermatofibromas is unknown, though they have been attributed to previous trauma at the site of the growth. What do dermatofibromas look like? Dermatofibromas generally appear as a single firm 0.5 mm to 1.0 cm nodule, most commonly on the legs.  They may also be found on other areas of the body, with the exception of the palms and soles.  They may appear to be skin colored, hyperpigmented (brown) or reddish.  Dermatofibromas may be painful or itchy, though most commonly they are asymptomatic. Do dermatofibromas need to be removed? No, dermatofibromas are benign lesions that do not need to be removed.  For cosmetic reasons, dermatofibromas may be surgically removed as an elective procedure.  If a dermatofibroma changes in appearance or becomes painful, it should be evaluated by a dermatologist. To schedule a consultation at Schweiger Dermatology, in NYC, click here.

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