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Dr. Schweiger featured is Cosmo Magazine

New York City Dermatologist Dr. Schweiger Gives Tips for Silky Smooth Skin in Cosmopolitan MagazineSmooth Arms
June, 2009 Download PDF

Two things can prevent your arms from being a turn-on: hair and bumpy "chicken skin." Removing hair is easy—the type on your arms is finer than the kind on your legs and bikini line, so waxing is less painful, says Eric Schweiger, NYC dermatologist and clinical instructor at the Mount Sinai Department of Dermatology. Those prickly red bumps (clinical name: keratosis pilaris) are common but hard to treat. They're excess skin that forms around the hair follicles. Most derms advise a two-pronged approach. First, use a grainy scrub with chemical exfoliators, like glycolic or lactic acid. Then apply a cream with hydrators, like urea and sodium hyaluronate, says Dr. Schweiger.

A Bump-Free Back and Butt

The skin on your back and butt produces more oil than other areas of your body do, which is why both zones are prone to breakouts. To get rid of backne and buttne, wash your rearview with a salicylic body wash and use an at-home mask which removes the top layer of skin and reveals the smoother, clearer skin underneath. You can also spot-treat zits with the same anti-acne lotions you use on your face, says Dr. Schweiger.

Silky Legs

Your legs have very few oil glands, so they tend to be one of your driest parts, says Dr. Schweiger. To keep them extrahydrated, start in the shower with body wash spiked with oil (it's also great to shave with).

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