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Facial Reshaping with Botox

What is Botox? Botox is a safe medication that is injected directly into the muscle in order to relax the action of that muscle.  It is most commonly used to relax the muscles that cause wrinkles on the face.  Botox works by stopping the release of a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine, which provides the signal between the nerve and the muscle, leading to muscle contraction. How can Botox reshape the face?Botox for facial contouring reshaping NYC Many patients desire a more narrow facial shape.  Some of these patients have always wanted a more narrow facial shape, while others feel that their jaw has increased in size over time.  This is often due to clenching of the masseter muscle of the jaw.  This muscle not only appears larger when it is clenched, but over time can increase in size with repeated clenching.  As the masseter is exercised regularly through clenching, it hypertrophies (or increases in size.) Botox can be injected into the masseter to weaken the muscle.  As the muscle relaxes, the enlarged appearance of the jawline is reduced.  The muscle atrophies, or decreases in size, as it is weakened and used less frequently over time. Is Botox facial reshaping permanent? Botox facial reshaping lasts up to 4 months.  Repeated treatments a few times each year will keep the masseter relaxed and the facial reshaping intact.  Over time, as the masseter muscle is not used, it can atrophy.  This atrophy leads to long term improvement and a long lasting facial reshaping. What can I expect during my Botox treatment? During your initial consultation, Dr. Schweiger will evaluate the shape of your face and determine if you are an appropriate candidate for facial reshaping.  Botox treatment can be performed on the day of your initial consultation, if you would like.  The treatment itself takes approximately 15 minutes and there is no downtime after the procedure.  There is only minimal discomfort during the short procedure.  Upon leaving the office, you will not immediately see the effect of the treatment.  Botox takes up to 2 weeks to have its full effect on your muscles; after 2 weeks, the facial reshaping can be appreciated. Can Botox be used to improve TMJ? Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) is an umbrella term used to describe pain in the jaw and surrounding areas.  Botox can be injected into the masseter to release tension on the jaw, which otherwise may lead to pain. Where is Botox facial reshaping performed? Dr. Schweiger performs all Botox facial reshaping treatments at Schweiger Dermatology in Midtown Manhattan. Click here to schedule a consultation for Botox treatment at Schweiger Dermatology in NYC.

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