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Five Acne Myths and Truths

Acne breakouts are frustrating and embarrassing. When our face becomes overpopulated with pimples, it's natural to try and point the blame somewhere. But it's important to know exactly what the cause is behind your blemishes. Here, New York City dermatologist Eric Schweiger, M.D. debunks five acne myths with the truth: 1) Myth: Acne breakouts are caused by dirt Truth: Acne is caused by many different factors. Mostly to blame are hormones. The male hormone, testosterone, is thought to cause an influx of oil production, which leads to acne breakouts. This has nothing to do with dirt. In fact, aggressively washing your face will only irritate your acne and make it worse. 2) Myth: The sun can clear up acne Truth: Purposely exposing your skin to sun--with acne or not--is never a good idea. UVA and UVB rays in no way clear up acne breakouts, they will only further damage the skin. It's very important to wear SPF every day. 3) Myth: Acne will just go away on its own Truth: Acne will never be fully cured. Many people go through bouts of acne then it clears up only to go through another flare up again. With proper treatments, such as chemical peels, extractions, topical medications, acne can be properly treated. Not doing anything can lead to scarring and more breakouts. 4) Myth: Applying moisturizer to acne-prone skin will make it worse Truth: Even though acne-prone skin is often oily, you still need to hydrate it. If left unhydrated, your skin will only become drier which could actually lead to more breakouts. When the skin tries to overcompensate for dryness, it produces more oil. 5) Myth: You should use your friend's prescription acne medicine Truth: It's never a good idea to use someone else's prescription medication. Even if you and your friend both suffer from acne, you do not share the same exact skin type. Book an appointment with your dermatologist to receive prescription medication just for you.
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