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Fraxel for the Treatment of Stretch Marks

What causes stretch marks? Stretch marks (aka “striae”) are linear areas of thinning of the superficial layers of the skin.  They occur in areas of increased growth during a short amount of time.  For example, many people develop them during growth spurts, after weight training and during pregnancy.  Stretch marks are not dangerous, though they can be aesthetically unpleasing to those who have them. What is the Fraxel Treatment?Fraxel Device NYC The Fraxel Laser treatment uses a non-ablative fractionated erbium laser to resurface the skin and improve the appearance of the skin.  Fractionated lasers treat only a portion of the skin’s surface, leaving untreated skin surrounding the treated area.  This technique of laser treatment is safe and effective, with a shorter healing time than traditional resurfacing laser treatments. How are stretch marks treated with the Fraxel Laser? Tiny columns of laser energy are produced by the Fraxel Laser; these tiny columns are absorbed in the deeper layers of the scarred tissue of the skin.  This energy stimulates the body’s own healing process.  The skin is stimulated to produce new collagen in order to “fill in” and “soften” the appearance of stretch marks.  The Fraxel Laser improves upon both reddish and hypopigmented (“white”) stretch marks, both deep and shallow. What should be expected during my visit for Fraxel Laser treatment of stretch marks? When you arrive for your appointment, you will change into a gown and an anesthetic (“numbing”) cream to be applied to the area of the stretch marks.  You will sit with the numbing cream on the area for approximately one hour prior to your laser treatment.  The Fraxel Laser treatment itself takes around thirty minutes, depending on the size of the area treated.  During the treatment, you will feel only very minimal discomfort, mostly in the form of a dull heat.  After the treatment, we will apply ice to the treated areas for a few minutes and then apply a moisturizing cream.  We will review the post-treatment direction thoroughly with you, so that you know how to care for the treated areas in the days following your Fraxel Laser treatment for stretch marks. Is there “downtime” after the Fraxel Laser treatment? Most patients will experience redness and swelling for two to three days after their Fraxel Laser treatment.  Most patients being treated for stretch marks find that this doesn’t cause them to adjust their work or social schedules at all, as the treated areas are easily covered by regular clothing.  There is no pain associated with the Fraxel Laser treatment in the days following the treatment and all patients resume their normal schedules immediately following Fraxel Laser treatment of stretch marks. How many Fraxel Laser treatments are required to treat stretch marks? Most patients require four Fraxel Laser treatments to adequately treat their stretch marks. To schedule a consultation for Fraxel treatment of stretch marks at Schweiger Dermatology, in NYC, click here.

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