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Laser Hair Removal After Hair Transplant

What is laser hair removal? Laser hair removal works by targeting and destroying hair follicles with a specific wavelength of light. New York City dermatologist, Dr. Eric Schweiger, treats unwanted hair safely and effectively using the industry leading lasers. Can laser hair removal be used to correct a bad hair transplant? Yes, laser hair removal can be utilized to fix a bad hair transplant that leaves the patient with a low hairline or visible hair plugs.  Laser hair removal allows patients to correct their botched hair transplant without further surgery. Laser Hair Removal to Remove Hair Plugs Who is a candidate for laser hair removal for treatment of a bad hair transplant? Hair removal lasers specifically target the melanin (the pigmented cells) in the hair follicles, so only brown or black hairs can be treated effectively.  Schweiger Dermatology has a variety of hair removal lasers, allowing us to treat all skin types safely.  Anyone who is unhappy with their hairline after a hair transplant is a candidate to have laser hair removal to adjust their hairline or remove bad hair plugs.  Laser hair removal will not interfere with the areas of the scalp that the patient is pleased with after hair transplant.  Both men and women can have successful laser hair removal to correct their hairline or plugs hair transplants if necessary after a hair transplant. How many treatments are necessary? The majority of our patients see significant hair reduction of up to 90% after 4 treatments.  Even after hair transplant, the hair grows in cycles.  Laser hair removal is most effective to hairs during their active growing cycle, which is why multiple treatments are required.  The exact number of treatments necessary for laser hair removal to correct a bad hair transplant depends on your skin color, hair color and the coarseness of your hair.  NYC dermatologist, Dr. Eric Schweiger, can evaluate your scalp to determine the best course of treatment and how many laser hair removal sessions you should expect to have. What is the cost of laser hair removal to correct a bad hair transplant? The price per treatment varies between $500-$600, depending on the treatment area. Where is the laser hair removal procedure performed? The laser hair removal procedure, for the correction of your hairline after a hair transplant, is performed at Schweiger Dermatology in midtown Manhattan by NYC dermatologist Dr. Schweiger.   Click here to book an appointment with Dr. Schweiger in New York City.

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