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What is a Laser? The term “laser” is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.  Lasers were introduced in the 1960’s, though laser technology has improved and progressed significantly since then.  Lasers are used for many functions, including surgery, printing, playing music, manufacturing parts, military operations, dentistry, and cosmetic dermatology. What are lasers used for in dermatology? Lasers have become an essential part of cosmetic dermatology.  Without lasers, we would be unable to effectively treat acne scarring or to remove wrinkles and unwanted hair.  At Schweiger Dermatology, lasers are used for the following: hair removal, vein removal, rosacea treatment, removing unwanted fat, reducing the appearance of cellulite, killing the acne-causing bacteria in the pores, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, removing brown spots, tattoo removal, stretch mark removal, improving the appearance of surgery scars, treating keloid scars, tightening sagging skin, lifting the eyelids without surgery, improving skin tone, melasma treatment, and treating stubborn warts. Which laser is the best for treating acne scars? The Fractional CO2 Laser is the most effective laser in the treatment of acne scars.  The Fractional CO2 Laser pokes tiny, microscopic holes in the skin’s surface.  This action stimulates the production of new, healthy collagen to smooth out pitted acne scars.  The Fraxel laser is also quite effective in the treatment of acne scars.  The Fraxel laser uses a different energy type, which stimulates collagen production without breaking the barrier of the skin. Do lasers hurt? Some lasers, such as the lasers used to treat active acne or the lasers used to treat rosacea, do not hurt at all.  However, some lasers give off a warm sensation during the treatment.  These lasers used a cooling method to prevent you from feeling the warm sensation during the treatment (for example, prior to each laser hair removal pulse, the laser sprays out a cold spray of cryogen to cool the skin.)  Prior to any laser treatment that is potentially painful, we take great care to properly numb the treatment area to prevent any pain during your treatment. Are lasers safe for patients with darker skin types? Most lasers are safe for patients with darker skin types.  Lasers that target pigmented cells, such as some laser hair removal devices and tattoo removal lasers, may also target the pigmented cells of the skin in patients with skin of color.  For this reason, Schweiger Dermatology has alternative lasers, which are safe and effective for the treatment of patients with skin of color.  Prior to beginning any treatment, we will review the safest and best laser treatment option for your skin type. Where are laser treatments performed? All laser treatments are performed at Schweiger Dermatology.  Schweiger Dermatology has two locations: midtown Manhattan and East 19th St, just north of Union Square in downtown Manhattan. Click here to schedule a consultation for laser treatment at Schweiger Dermatology in New York City.

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