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New York Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. Schweiger advises readers on various easy to follow tips to get and maintain flawless skin on Yahoo! Shine

You need sunscreen, but not tons of it. Both dermatologist Dr. Eric Schweiger and Sobota agree that using sunscreen daily is one of the very first changes you should make to improve your skin. "Those signs of aging many women heading toward 40 see -- little mouth lines, sun spots, crow's feet -- are not things you should biologically see until your 60s. If you see them before that, you did that to yourself.You can't erase the damage that's been done, but you can stop it from progressing rapidly," Sobota points out. Dr. Schweiger recommends using a moisturizer-sunscreen combination, while Sobota reminds women that they don't need to slather on a ton of sunscreen to get its full effects. "You only need a shot glass-size amount to cover the entire body, which means the amount that goes on your face is about the size of a quarter," she says. SPF makeup? It just doesn't cut it. If you're prone to breakouts during summer months, Dr. Schweiger suggests using a tinted moisturizer—it's a great option for people with sensitive skin or those who want lighter-weight coverage for blemishes or acne scarring because it allows you to use fewer products. Morning eye puffiness? Here's an easy trick Dr. Schweiger says the most simple remedy for lightening dark circles and decreasing puffiness under the eyes—two of her patients' most common complaints—is splashing cold water on your face first thing in the morning, which shrinks the blood vessels and decreases eye puffiness. However, more serious under-eye circles may call for more aggressive treatment. Dark circles can be caused by sun damage or from genetically driven pigmentation; bluish-hued circles can stem from vascular issues. Also, as we age, we lose the fat underneath our eyes, which causes a gaunt or tired appearance. In these cases, Dr. Schweiger says Juvederm and other fillers can help plump up the area and provide a more youthful appearance. In-office treatment isn't always necessary, however. Dr. Schweiger says there are some very effective lightening creams available at drug stores. The key is in finding a topical cream that is made up of hydroquinone in 2% concentration. He says most people notice an improvement in the skin around their eyes in about two weeks. Workouts don't have to lead to breakouts. "Right after your workout, shower or wash your face right there at the gym. And since you're already there, take advantage of the gym's steam room for a few minutes. This will open up pores and reduce your chance of breaking out," Dr. Schweiger notes. To read more about flawless skin at Yahoo! featuring Dr. Schweiger, click here.

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