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“Over the course of an hour, the area covered by the applicator cools to a point where fat cells, or lipocytes, become damaged but surrounding cells are left unharmed,” says Schweiger. “In the next three to four months, these lipocytes die and are recycled through the lymphatic system and liver.” “I’m not sure you have enough fat for the attachment to form a vacuum,” he says suddenly. Bless. His. Heart. “If you do, you’ll see results, but they might not be as extreme as other cases.” To find out for sure, Schweiger fires up the CoolSculpting instrument. As it softly hums, he attempts to push the chunk of fat between my hip and lower thigh into its plastic cup. Against my usual train of thought, I find myself hoping my leg is big enough to fit. Soon I feel a burst of pressure. It’s as if the bulbous knob is being sucked out by a jellyfish. And it feels good. “Are you okay? How does that feel?” asks Schweiger. I give him a conservative answer. “It feels weird and really cold, but it’s not painful,” I assure him, adding gleefully, “I knew I had enough there!” For the next two hours, I lie on my stomach while the device freezes the fat on the side of my left thigh, then my right. I spot a couple of barely noticeable mini bruises after the treatment, but they don’t hurt. According to Schweiger, who has done cryolipolysis on 200 patients since January, the CoolSculpting appliance depletes targeted body fat by an average of 20 percent. He says that skin treated by it will remain tauter, even if you gain weight elsewhere. I hope he’s right—and that after a few months of waiting impatiently, I’ll notice a difference. Link:

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