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Pediatric Dermatology

Is pediatric dermatology different from dermatology? Pediatric dermatology, like dermatology, literally means that study of the skin.  In the case of pediatric dermatology, this means that study of the skin in children.  Although children experience many of the same skin conditions that affect adults, children can have many unique conditions that are not seen in adult dermatology. What are some common conditions seen in pediatric dermatology? Pediatric dermatologists often treat conditions that are more commonly seen in children than adults. The trickiest part of pediatric dermatology is that the patients cannot always verbalize an accurate history for the dermatologist; so, we may not know exactly when the rash began or if it looked different at any point.  Parents are often a crucial part of the pediatric dermatology visit, as they usually give us a detailed description of the progression of the condition.  Conditions commonly seen in pediatric dermatology are skin rashes (such as chicken pox, poison ivy, hives, ringworm, and insect bites), acne, birthmarks, eczema, warts, molluscum contagiosum, and lice. Which dermatology treatments are safe for children? Depending on the child’s age, most commonly used dermatology medications and in-office treatments are safe for use in both children and adults.  The FDA publishes guidelines for every medication, giving the medication an age at which children may begin its use.  For very young children, a pediatric dermatologist can made recommendations that are unique and specific to the needs of young children. Does Schweiger Dermatology treat children? Schweiger Dermatology offers dermatology for both children and adults.  Our dermatologists and dermatology PA’s are experienced in the practice of pediatric dermatology.  Schweiger Dermatology employs many dermatologists with a strong interest in pediatric dermatology and treating children with dermatological conditions.  It is important for children to have a positive experience when they visit the dermatologist, which is why we put an emphasis on making our pediatric patients feel comfortable and well cared for. Click here to schedule an appointment for pediatric dermatology.

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