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Wrinkle Removal and Treatment

There are many options for treatment of removing wrinkles.  Lasers, such as the Fractional CO2 and the Fraxel Re:Store laser, are the most effective wrinkle treatments.  Treatments such as photofacials, chemical peels and microdermabrasions are also used to remove wrinkles. Deep wrinkles, such as “smile lines”, can be treated with wrinkle fillers known as dermal fillers.  Examples of dermal fillers are Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse, Perlane and Sculptra.  Forehead wrinkles and eye wrinkles (aka crow’s feet) can be treated with Botox or Dysport, which relax the muscles that cause these wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes. How does laser work to remove wrinkles? Laser and wrinkles are commonly associated, as lasers are the most effective treatment for removing wrinkles and fine lines.  Lasers, such as the Fractional CO2 laser and the Fraxel Re:Store laser poke tiny microscopic holes in the skin that trigger the skin’s own healing process and stimulate new collagen production.  These treatments for wrinkles can be very effective for getting rid of wrinkles on the face, chest and even the hands.  They are exponentially more effective than eye wrinkle creams for reducing “crepiness” and fine lines around the eyes. More information on laser and wrinkles can be found by clicking on Fraxel and Fractional CO2 Laser. How are dermal fillers used to remove deep wrinkles? Dermal fillers are a very effective treatment for wrinkles.  They are most commonly used to get rid of the wrinkles around the mouth, which are often called smile lines.  Dermal fillers, sometimes known as wrinkle fillers, are also commonly used under the eyes to diminish the appearance of eye wrinkles and the dark circles and hollowness under the eyes.  They can also be used to replace lost volume in the cheeks, jawline, temples and even to smooth out the back of the hands.  Most dermal fillers get rid of wrinkles immediately and last for up to a year. More information on dermal fillers to get rid of wrinkles can be found by clicking on Dermal Fillers. How to get rid of wrinkles under the eyes? Botox and Dysport are commonly used to remove eye wrinkles.  Many patients ask us how to get rid of wrinkles under the eyes, and the treatment is fairly simple.  Lasers are used to reduce the appearance of fine lines, but wrinkle treatments such as Botox and Dysport help to reduce the appearance of dynamic wrinkles and prevent wrinkles from forming.  Botox and Dysport relax the muscles that cause eye wrinkles and wrinkles on the forehead.  Forehead wrinkles, eye wrinkles and the deep wrinkles that form between the brows respond very well to Botox and Dysport treatment. More information on Botox and Dysport for getting rid of wrinkles can be found here: Botox and Dysport What are the best wrinkle creams?  Are wrinkle creams effective treatments to get rid of wrinkles? Wrinkle creams are very popular and seem ubiquitous in the department stores.  The best wrinkle creams contain retinoids and their derivatives.  Retinoids, and their over-the-counter version called Retinols, can be found in many topical wrinkle removers.  They stimulate skin-cell turnover and stimulate collagen production, which allows they to be used as wrinkle removers.  When patients ask us how to remove wrinkles, adding a retinoid wrinkle cream to their regimen is usually part of our recommended plan.  Even the best wrinkle cream doesn’t replace procedures such as laser resurfacing, dermal fillers and Botox or Dysport, but they are a helpful adjunct to any home regimen.  Retinols can sometimes be irritating, so an eye wrinkle cream may not include these ingredients, or may include them in lower concentrations.  Often antioxidants are used in both eye wrinkle creams and wrinkle cream made for the entire face, as they prevent the breakdown of collagen by free radicals.  Wrinkle cream for men is an important topic that many patients ask about.  Most anti-aging products that are made for women can also be used as a wrinkle cream for men.  There is no definitive best wrinkle cream, but it is important to look for a wrinkle treatment cream containing a retinol or retinoid and one containing antioxidants to prevent collagen breakdown in the future. There are many options, how does someone know how to remove wrinkles and what is the best option for them? The question of how to remove wrinkles is one that your dermatologist can help you to answer.  There are many options available, but it is important to remember that the best wrinkle remover for one patient may not be the best wrinkle remover for another patient.  Your dermatologist can help you to navigate all of the options and decide upon the best treatment regimen for your skin. Click here to read more information on wrinkles and wrinkle treatments. Cllick here if you want to make an appointment with NYC dermatologist Dr. Schweiger to discuss wrinkle treatment options.

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