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NYC Dermatologist Dr. Schweiger explains how scalp cooling can curb hair loss caused by chemotherapy to

This idea and practice of cooling the scalp to freezing to prevent hair loss from chemo drugs has been around for a while, mostly in Europe, says Dr. Eric Schweiger, M.D., F.A.A.D., a New York City dermatologist and hair loss treatment specialist. “Basically, you wear a cold pack on the scalp before, during and after your round of chemo and it reduces the temperature of your hair follicles.” Researchers aren’t exactly sure how it works: Either the flow of blood containing the drugs is constricted to the scalp or the metabolic rate at which hair cells absorb anything in the blood like chemotherapy drugs is slowed or both, explains Schweiger. “Studies have been promising, and around 90 percent of people have kept their hair during treatments, mostly in shorter four-week courses of chemo and depending on the location of the cancer and the type of cancer cocktail administered.”

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