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Sunscreen 101: What You Need to Know This Summer

Woman in Bikini with HatEverything You Need to Know About Sun Protection 2013 Do you want to know the best anti-aging tip in the world? Use sun protection. It may sound trite and simple, but the proper use of a sun protective lotion not only prevents skin cancer, it will also save your skin from premature aging, wrinkles and brown spots. Preventing damage is much easier than correcting it. Shopping for a sunscreen can be very confusing, especially with all the new FDA regulations concerning SPF. So how to find the best sunscreen for your skin? Here, the top rules to live by.

Look for Broad Spectrum Sun Protection Both UVA and UVB protection are very important. UVA are the long-wave rays, while UVB are the shortwave rays. Both rays can cause damage to our skin and even suppress our immune systems, which is why it's essential to guard your skin from both rays. The FDA's new regulations do not allow sun care companies to use marketing lingo and claim their products are "sweat proof" or "water-proof." Instead each bottle now has to warn consumers that the product needs to be re-applied every two hours.

Wear sun protective clothing Sunscreen lotions are not perfect. They wash off in the pool or after a couple hours in the sweat-inducing sun. Sunscreens are also really hard to apply on every single area on your body. How many times have you spent a day at the beach after diligently applying your sunscreen, only to come home with a sunburn on some very odd areas of your body. There’s a whole new category of fashion on the market today that utilizes fabrics made with sun protection woven into the clothing, so your skin is fully protected from the sun’s harmful rays. Our favorite stylish sun protective clothing lines are Parasol, Mott 50 and Coolibar.

Best tinted sunblocks for the face When it comes to choosing an SPF for the face, the best ingredients are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, the physical blockers, as opposed to the chemical sunscreens. The physical blocking ingredients are made with minerals and are less irritating to the skin. Physical sublocks also provide better coverage than the chemical blocks. The only potential downside to the zinc oxide and titanium dioxide sunscreens is that they can sometimes leave a white-ish tinge on the face. The best way to counteract that tinge is by choosing a tinted sunscreen. The most elegant and sophisticated tinted sunscreens are Skinceuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50, Elta MD UV Physical Broad-Spectrum 41, Suntegrity 5-in-1 Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen, Broad Spectrum SPF 30

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