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Cost of Laser Tattoo Removal

What is the cost of laser tattoo removal? Can the price vary?laser tattoo removal NYC The cost of tattoo removal varies by the size of the tattoo being removed.  A general rule of thumb is that the price of laser tattoo removal for a tattoo the size of your palm is $400 per treatment.  However, tattoo removal takes numerous treatments, so it is difficult to determine the exact price of tattoo removal ahead of time.  The cost for tattoo removal is given per treatment, though with the newest techniques of laser tattoo removal, multiple treatments may be performed during a single visit. How many treatments are necessary to remove tattoos? Tatoo removal usually takes between 6 and 20 treatments.  Since the tattoo industry is largely unregulated, it is impossible to know what type of ink was used in the tattoo or how deep it was placed.  Therefore, even the best tattoo removal treatments require a series of treatments for complete tattoo removal. How many laser tattoo removal treatments can be performed in each visit? Using the new R20 method for laser tattoo removal, up to 4 treatments can be performed during each visit.  The laser tattoo removal price starts at $400 per treatment, but varies from patient to patient based on the size, location and color of the tattoo. Do tattoo removal creams work? Many of our patients ask us how to remove a tattoo.  Laser is the most effective treatment options.  Unfortunately, tattoo removal cream is not effective for removing tattoos.  Laser is the best tattoo removal option.  They break down the pigment of the tattoo and the body’s own immune system flushes out the pigmented fragments. What should I expect during my tattoo removal appointment? After your initial consultation, we will review the price of tattoo removal and how laser tattoo removal works.  We will then use a local anesthetic (numbing agent) so that you do not feel any pain during the tattoo removal by laser.  The length of tattoo removal varies based on the size of the tattoo.  Some of our patients choose to have just one tattoo removal treatment, though most patients choose to have multiple treatments performed in one visit.  Up to 4 treatments may be performed, using the new R20 method.  A recent study showed that this method of tattoo removal may decrease the amount of treatments necessary for complete tattoo removal.  Many patients find that one or two visits are sufficient for removing a black tattoo, when the R20 method is utilized. Where is tattoo removal performed. All tattoo removal treatments are done in NYC, in midtown. A board certified dermatologist either performs or oversees all tattoo treatments. Click here to schedule a consultation for tattoo removal in NYC.

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