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Tattoo Removal FAQ

What is the Best Way to Remove a Tattoo? We are often asked, “Do tattoo removal creams work?”  The answer is that no, tattoo removal cream doesn’t work.  Tattoos are made of pigmented substance injected into the skin.  Even skin lightening skins work by a mechanism that doesn’t affect the pigment of the tattoo.  The best way to remove a tattoo is to use a tattoo removal laser.  Tattoo removal lasers use a specific wavelength, depending on the color of the tattoo, that targets the pigment of the tattoo.  The laser breaks up the pigment into fragments, which the body then flushes out through its immune system. Do all dermatologists perform laser tattoo removal in New York? It is important to visit a dermatologist who specializes in tattoo removal and is very experienced with different skin types.  Tattoo removal is safe in skin of color, but special precautions must be taken in choosing the treatment settings, particularly when treating colored tattoos. How many treatments does laser tattoo removal take to remove tattoos? The average patient requires 6 treatments for tattoo removal.  This can vary, as the tattoo industry uses a variety of different ink substances, so not all tattoos respond in the same manner.  A new technique, published in recent studies, uses multiple treatments on the same day to get faster and better results.  We now utilize this laser tattoo removal technique at Schweiger Dermatology for tattoo removal in New York City.  Patients can now have between one and four treatments performed during each visit.  There is a twenty minute waiting period between each treatment.  Some patients have had complete removal of their tattoo after just one visit, during which four treatments were performed. Is tattoo removal painful? Tattoo removal laser treatments are not painful, due to a local numbing agent that is injected prior to the treatment.  All of our patients are very comfortable and are usually quite surprised by the level of comfort associated with the treatment.  The numbing agent lasts for hours, so even patients who have the new multi-treatment technique do not need to have multiple injections of the numbing medication. How much is tattoo removal? Tattoo removal price depends on the size of the area being treated.  Tattoo removal pricing varies, but is generally $400 per treatment per pass.  Tattoos that are larger than the palm of a hand may have a slightly higher cost for removal. Click here to read more about laser tattoo removal NYC.

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