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The Best Cosmetic Procedures for Men

Thanks in part to the Real Housewives franchise, cosmetic treatments for women, including Botox, laser resurfacing treatments and fillers, have become household words. Women are coming out of the closet about what they're having done to keep themselves looking younger and more beautiful. But what if you're a guy and you want to get a little work done, too? After all, the job market is incredibly fierce these days and those wrinkles and forehead creases might be giving the wrong message to potential employers. In a report presented by the American Academy of Dermatology, new research is showing that men are finally getting into the cosmetic dermatology game and are visiting the doctor for the same rejuvenating treatments and wrinkle removal procedures that women are seeking out. Men shouldn't be ashamed to care about their looks, especially if it means getting the job, or renewing their look after a divorce. The most common complaints heard from men are about excessive sweating, unwanted hair on the neck and back and expression lines that make them look angry or tired. Although men want to look just as youthful and gorgeous as their female counterparts, their skin is built differently and therefore needs to be treated that way. According to the AAD:
  • Men’s skin is thicker, has larger pores, less subcutaneous fat and generates more sweat and four times more sebum than women’s skin.
  • The presence of facial hair provides structural support and contributes to fewer wrinkles in the beard area.
  • Short hairstyles (which expose the ears), balding scalps, outdoor occupations and outdoor hobbies more frequently expose men’s skin to ultraviolet radiation, the most important risk factor for skin cancer and premature aging. In fact, men have a higher incidence of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer.
  • Men’s skin also has a greater susceptibility to ultraviolet-induced immunosuppression, which also may contribute to the increased incidence of skin cancer.
  • Men’s facial bone structure is stronger and more prominent.
  • Men naturally have less subcutaneous fat and it decreases with aging, making men “sinkers” more than “wrinklers.”
As men become more and more concerned about the way they look, their at-home skincare routine is just not cutting it. The guys have wised up to cosmetic procedures, such as Botox to ease expression lines and put an end to embarrassing sweating; laser hair removal for the back and neck; skin resurfacing with chemical peels, microdermabrasion and lasers to even out skin tone and texture; and dermal fillers to fill up the face in a strategic and subtle way. But skincare should not be forgotten for men, as it's an important step in the overall care and maintenance of the skin. Men should be sure to wash with a gentle cleanser and use moisturizer on their skin every day as well as apply sunscreen in the morning, not only to protect from skin cancer but to keep skin looking its youngest, longest. Make an appointment now for you--or your husband--to discuss your cosmetic treatment options.
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