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The Biggest Sunscreen Mistakes You Might Be Making

Sunscreen mistakes you might be makingIt's the season we've all be waiting for. Summer is finally here! While we don't need to worry about layering on the clothing anymore, we do need to be aware of layering on the sunscreen. At this point you should know how important it is to slather on a broad-spectrum SPF of 30 every single day. It's important that the bottle says "broad-spectrum," otherwise it will not protect your skin from both the UVA and UVB rays. What other mistakes might you be making with your sunscreen? Read these tips to find out: Sunscreen Mistake 1: You don't reapply during the day If you think that only one application of sunscreen in the morning will see you safely through the day, think again! The general rule is that you need to reapply for every two hours in the sun. If you're sweating or swimming, your sun protection should get applied even more frequently. Allow for a few minutes to let your sunscreen to absorb before diving back into the pool. Sunscreen Mistake 2: You don't apply enough You may think just a smear of the white stuff will do the trick, but you really need to coat your whole body for it to be effective. Make sure you're using enough sunscreen to fully cover the entire surface area of the body--not just a shot glass's worth, as most people are told. Sunscreen Mistake 3: Not wearing sunscreen on cloudy daysJust because its gray and hazy out doesn't mean that you're safe from the sun. UV rays can penetrate through the clouds and give you a sunburn any day of the week--foggy or not. Make sure to apply your sunscreen whenever you step outside! Sunscreen Mistake 4: You're using an old bottle of suncreen The active ingredients in sunscreen can become less potent over time and exposure to the elements. If your tube of sunscreen has been sitting in your trunk for a while or is over a year old, when in doubt, toss it out. Sunscreen Mistake 5: You're relying on your makeup to protect your skin from the sun. Foundation with SPF is not to enough to protect your skin from the sun. You need to make sure you're wearing straight-up sunscreen as well as makeup. Better yet, skip the foundation during the summer and find a great physical sunblock with a tint.    
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