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The Many Benefits of Botox

Botox has been touted as a miracle treatment by medical professionals and patients alike. And for good reason. It can literally slow the aging process by helping to decrease the repetitive movements the muscles on our faces make every day. When the muscles don't move as much, there is less chance for them to form wrinkles. One of the best places this science takes effect is the forehead and brow area. If you maintain a regular (every three to four months) Botox regimen, then this will greatly slow the time it takes for your brows to start dropping and thereby giving that unappealing look of droopy eyebrows that comes with age. When you are unable to squint or frown from Botox, this allows the brow are to stay higher for longer since the forces of gravity are unable to do their job. Make sure your Botox doesn't disappear before its time by reading this.
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