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Things That You Can Do to Get a Better Dose of Beauty Sleep

It's true: the better you sleep, the better you look. Sleep has long been understood to be an integral part of any beauty regime. The following tips will help you get your beauty rest each and every night. Regular Schedule Counts Going to bed and getting up at the same times each day will help eliminate insomnia. Don't sleep in on the weekends or on a day off. Your body craves a schedule, and will reward you with adequate sleep if you give it one. White Noise or Relaxation Tapes Listening to white noise or the sounds of a waterfall or the ocean has helped thousands of people fall into a restful sleep. The sounds help to relax the mind, as well as break the chatter that most of us have going on in our brains. Don't Bring Work to Bed Your bed needs to be a sleep zone, and your body needs to know this. Sleep and intimacy are the only things that should happen in your bed. Bringing work to bed sends a message your mind that it needs to stay awake and concentrate, which makes it much harder to fall asleep. Make a List If you lay in bed at night and immediately begin thinking about everything you have to do the next day, you have probably noticed it keeps you awake. So, get up and make a list of everything you have to accomplish. This will help free the worry from your brain and let you relax. Alcohol Is Not The Solution Drinking alcohol makes many people sleepy, but when they do fall asleep it is not restful. Avoid alcohol before you go to bed. Not only will it not help, it will dehydrate you and lead to puffy eyes in the morning. These useful tips will help you get the sleep you need to look your best the next day.
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