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Tips for Celebrities to Follow Before Red Carpet Events

tips-for-celebrities-red-carpet-event-skin-botox-acneAs the award season approaches, celebrities are starting to think about how to prepare themselves to look their best on the red carpet.  It is important that not only are they acne-free, but their skin is radiantly glowing and their body is as fit and toned as possible.  Dr. Schweiger explains that, "Planning for the red carpet is not an overnight process.  There are some treatments, like Botox or cortisone injections, that work fairly quickly.  However, some of the most effective treatments for looking your best on the red carpet require a few weeks or months of planning ahead.  Now is the time to visit your dermatologist to discuss how to look your best for the big event." Below are some recommendations on the best time to have cosmetic treatments before a big event: 3 months prior to the event: Begin Laser Genesis treatments to improve your complexion and shrink your pores.  These pain-free treatments should be performed approximately every 2 weeks until the event. 2 months prior to the event: Have your TruSculpt treatment, which uses radiofrequency energy to get rid of fat and tighten the skin.  This treatment is a 'must' for anyone wearing a sleeveless dress; TruSculpt treatment of the arms tones and sculpts the area dramatically. 6 weeks prior to the event: The Fraxel Dual laser treatment uses a unique resurfacing energy to reduce pigmentation on the skin.  Not only will the treatment get rid of sun spots and melasma on the face, but it will greatly improve the appearance of sun damage on the chest, which is often on display while wearing a strapless gown. 1 month prior to the event: Begin Isolaz treatments to get rid of acne and prevent unwanted pimples from showing up on the day of the event.  This treatment uses a gentle vacuum to clean out the pores and a broad-spectrum light to kill acne-causing bacteria in the pores. 1-2 weeks prior to the event: Botox and filler treatments should be performed at this time, as the best results of the treatments are not appreciated for one week after the treatment.  Botox takes effect within 7-10 days of the visit.  Fillers work immediately, but sometimes cause mild swelling, which takes a few days to subside.  These treatments are used to get rid of wrinkles and naturally improve the contours of the face. 1 day prior to the event: A cortisone shot can be used to flatten any last-minute pimples before the event.  The anti-inflammatory medication inside the tiny injection decreases inflammation on the skin, which gets rid of the pimple before the big event.
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