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Watch out! These three common ingredients can irritate sensitive skin

Skin is hard enough to manage, but for those who have sensitive skin, it can be a downright nightmare. Normal products which are fine for most can cause redness, irritation, hives and an assortment of other problems for those with sensitive skin. Fortunately, many of the ingredients that cause irritation have been discovered and can now be avoided if one reads the labels. When it comes to soap products, those with sensitive skin should avoid using items that contain sodium lauryl sulfate. While the ingredient is great for removing dirt, germs, and other bacteria, it also removes the protective layering on the skin. This can cause burning and redness as well as drying out the skin which then causes further irritation. Alcohol based products, such as no-wash hand sanitizer, should also be avoided for this same reason. Scented products, whether it be perfumes, body washes, soaps, and even deodorants, are some of the most common causes of irritation for sensitive skin out there and should be avoided whenever possible. Luckily, because so many people are discovering that they're sensitive to fragrances, many companies now sell 'fragrance-free' products. 'Fragrance-free' products are not the same as 'unscented' however, which often use lighter scents, such as baby powder, to cover up the original smell. Talc is used in nearly all powder makeups and is considered one of the worst irritants because it can cause small rips and tears in the skin. If that's not bad enough, talc makeup is usually applied several times a day to the face, especially around already sensitive parts, such as the eyes. This only aggravates the problem even further, making it a must for sensitive individuals to avoid. While sensitive skin can be hard for women to manage, it is possible as long as special attention is paid to the labels of the products. Once the triggers have been properly identified, women will be able to find products that help their body just as well as those with non-sensitive skin.
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